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KCM Vaultinghorses Zygo 

KWPN (Gribaldi X Amulet) Gelding


KCM Vaultinghorses Zygo at CHIO Aachen

KCM Vaultinghorses Zygo is owned by the Palmer family in the USA. He started his carreer at KCM Vaultinghorses and Cindy actually loved him so much she decided to keep him herself as her private horse. After a whole year of international competitions with KCM Vaultinghorses,in wich he scored "best horse" every competition, and a lot of fun in the dressage arena, Cindy got pregnant and decided to sell Zygo as he was to good to be withdrawn from the vauklting circle. Zygo was sold to the Palmer family. In the USA he prolonged his vaulting career with outstanding performances and brings his new owners a lot of fun.  

Jill Palmer about Zygo: 

Zygo is a work horse and my kids favorite horse of all time. I love riding him and he is my easiest horse to ride.