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4 vaulting horses from KCM Vaultinghorses at the CHIO Aachen!

This years edition of the CHIO in Aachen will have a total number of 49 horses competing. 4 of them have their roots in the KCM Vaultinghorses stable. KCM Vaultinghorses Flying Dutchman, Lord, Caram OE and Pasca will compete for the USA, Russia, Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands at the prestigious CHIO. 

Flying Dutchman will compete with Emily Rose (USA) and Maurits de Vries on the lungeline. In the same category KCM Vaultinghorses Lord with Karina Doroshenko (RUS) and Andrea Bicova will be present. Last horse in the category individual female with KCM DNA is Pasca with Claire de Ridder (NL) and Christina Tetteroo controling the horse.

In the category individual male we find Aleksandr Stikin (RUS) on KCM Vaultinghorses Lord. Lord will be lunged again by Andrea Bicova.

Lord will also be present in the category PDD with the Hungarian athletes Blanka Németh and Anna Pakot. 

We are happy to see that the horses that we have trained and sold the last few years are living up to our high expectations and keep on performing at main competitions, showing their quality and making dreams possible. Good luck everybody