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5 KCM Vaultinghorses compete at CVI Ermelo


5 vaulting horses who started their carreer at KCM Vaultinghorses are competing at CVI Ermelo. We are there aswell, to compete with Flying Dutchman and Dwight, and will keep you updated! 

* update 4-5-2018* KCM Vaultinghorses Flying Dutchman ended his first day of this international event, which is at the same time the international debut of Flying Dutchman. We are very happy with his performance. Flying Dutchman was able to secure the highest horse score in the PDD 2* competition! A video of him competing in the PDD can be found here: 

* update 3-5-2018*

Caram OE, Dwight, Flying Dutchman, Eristoff and Pasca, who all started their vaulting carreer at KCM Vaultinghorses, have passed the vet check and are ready to compete at CVI Ermelo.