KCM Vaultinghorses

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Clinics and training

Both Maurits and Cindy are available for clinics and training, at our stable or on location. We offer the following possibilities: 

Lunging training


Maurits is specialized in improving horses on the lungeline. He has educated many vaulting horses and helped out many clubs with their vaulting horse. Troughout the past years Maurits has, and still is, showing a lot of horses on CVI's and championships, most of whom he educated himself to this level, but he also has been hired to show horses on competitions. 

Vaulting club st. Leonhard, Austria: 

"Happy peppy Longierunterricht mit Maurits von KCM Vaultinghorses. 😎🤗Danke Maurits, war wie immer spitzenmäßiger Unterricht!!"

( Happy Peppy Lunging training with Maurits of KCM Vaultinghorses! Thank you Maurits, it is always a great training!!) 

Vaulting training

Both Cindy and Maurits are available for vaulting education. They have years of experience as international vaulters, and also years of experience as trainers for vaulters on any level. They offer vaulting for beginners and also vaulting on the highest level. In the past year, Maurits and Cindy started a brand new vaulting club, which contains vaulters of different levels: beginners to international vaulters. 

Dressage training 

Cindy has been riding for 21 years, and is the rider of KCM Vaultinghorses. Thanks to this experience, she knows how to train a vaulting horse under the saddle to improve the quality of the gates, and keep the horse healthy and straight.