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  • 5 KCM Vaulting horses compete at World Equestrian Games! Zygo, Freeke, Saphira, Pasca and Fairytale, who all started vaulting in the KCM stables are competing in Tryon. Click this link for regular updates!
  • KCM Vaultinghorse Diavolo and KCM Vaultinghorse Desperado are competing at the junior German Championships. Diavolo, With the team of HWR and Hendrik Brühl on the lungeline, was able to secure the best horsescore! Also Desperado, with Ruth Jückstock on the lungeline, was able to reach the finals. 
  • First place for Fairytale and Katharina Luschin at CVI*** Portogruaro!!  After a year of absence the black mare Fairytale competed for the first time again this season in Italy with Katharina Luschin, Daniëla Fritz and Lisa Wild from URC Wildegg. With a first, fifth and sixth place the individuals showed to be well prepared for this years competitions. Click here for more information about KCM Vaultinghorses Fairytale
  • Fifth Place for Pasca and Claire de Ridder at CVI*** Saumur!! Claire de Ridder and her horse Pasca competed in Saumur. Claire who is already qualified for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, vaulted three good rounds and managed to climb to the fifth place. Click here for more information about KCM Vaultinghorses Pasca
  • 2 KCM horses compete at world cup finals 2108! Carola Sneekes together with Marjo Sneekes and Safari H compete in the individual female category, Timo Gerdes, Jolina Ossenberg-Engels and Claudia Ossenberg-Engels compete in the pas de deux category. For more information and results, click here. 
  • Succesfull first competition of the season! Best horsescore in every category a KCM horse competed and best horsescore of the day! For more information and footage click here
  • Highfive arrives at KCM Vaultinghorses! After his new owners found Highfive elsewhere, they brought him to KCM Vaultinghorses to get a training to become a vaultinghorse. We are looking forward to work with this guy. For more information about education of vaulting horses, click here: Education of vaulting horses
  • KCM Vaultinghorses excists 5 years!!  We celebrate this with huge discount and giveaways! Check out the 5 year tab and our facebook page for free equipment and discounts!
  • Caram OE, together with Claudia and Jolina Ossenberg-Engels and Timo Gerdes, wins world cup Offenburg!! After 2 very good rounds, they where able to end up with the highest score and also secured themselfes from a place in the World cup finals! Click here for more information about KCM Vaultinghorses Caram OE
  • Caram OE 4th place at World Cup Leipzig! Together with his lunger Claudia Ossenberg-Engels and the pas de deux Timo Gerdes and Jolina Ossenberg-Engels, Caram OE secured the 4th place at the World Cup in Leipzig. 
  • Safari H 2nd place World Cup Mechelen! Safari H competed at Mechelen together with her lunger Marjo Sneekes and the individual Carola Sneekes. After a 3rd place in the first round they performed even better in the second round and climbed to the 2nd place! 
  • Safari H 2nd and 3rd place in World Cup Paris! Together with lunger Marjo Sneekes and individual Carola Sneekes, Safari H was able to secure the 2nd place in the individual female class at the World Cup in Paris. Safari H competed also in the individual mal category, also with Marjo on the lungeline but with Balas Bence on her back. In this category they won the 3rd place! 
  • 3 new interns start at KCM Vaultinghorses, we hope they learn a lot! This winter, 3 interns have applied for a internship at KCM Vaultinghorses. They will start soon with their internship and we hope they have great fun but also learn a lot at our stable!