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First place for KCM Vaultinghorses Lord in Hungary!

This weekend was a succesful weekend for KCM Vaultinghorses Lord, his vaulters and his lunger.

With Sebastien and Sarah Martin competing at CVI Budapest, the experienced vaulting horse showed his quality once more as he cantered towards silver and gold.

With Sarah and Sebastien, Lord competed in the junior 2* category. The junior pas de deux showed their beautiful freestyle to the public and performed very strong over two rounds. With Lord receiving the best horse score, the combination was able to put the competition at a distance.

KCM Vaultinghorses Lord and Sebastien competed in the individual Male junior 2* category aswell. 

In this class KCM Vaultinghorses Lord did what he had to do and received the best horse score round after round. Sebastien vaulted for good scores and was able to get to second place!