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Succesful first competition of the season! 

At 11 March, KCM Vaultinghorses went to a competition with KCM Vaultinghorses Flying Dutchman and KCM Vaultinghorses Dwight. 

It was KCM Vaultinghorses Flying Dutchman's first vaultingcompetition ever. We competed with him in individual M and pas de deux. We are very happy how he performed and he ended as 'best horse' in both categories. He was not able to get the highest horsescore of the day though, as this honour went to both KCM Vaultinghorses Pasca and KCM Vaultinghorses Dwight 

KCM Vaultinghorses Flying Dutchman and Marischa Riethoff competing in Bunschoten. Dutch became best horse, Marischa performed very well after a sabatical year and got 4th place.photo credits to Arjen van der Spek

Also the pas de deux formed by Donna Pruisscher and Lynn Veldman performed well, and they managed to get the 1st place with the freestyle shown in the video below! 

Maurits was also the lunger for Celine Kaag and her horse Dwight, and at her very first competition in the ZZ level she was allready able to secure the 2nd place! Dwight and Pasca, who also started his vaulting carreer at KCM Vaultinghorses, both got te exact same horsescore, as shown in the image above, and therefore they both where 'best horse of the day'