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Very succesfull CVI Weekend

A first place, 2 second places, one third place, one fifth place, one tenth place, one fourteenth place and one fifteenth place, gained all in one weekend by horses who started vaulting at KCM Vaultinghorses! 

This past weekend was a double CVI weekend: There was a CVI in Pezinok and also a CVI was held in Krumke. KCM Vaultinghorses competed at both CVI's. 

In Pezinok, Fairytale was able to end up at first, third, and fifth place with the vaulters Katharina Luschin, Lisa Wild and Daniela Fritz. They all were lunged by Maria Lehrmann. 

Lord cantered to second place in the pas de deux, at the same cvi with vaulters Sebastien and Sarah Martin, lunged by Andrea Bicova. 

Lord also ended up at 14th place in individual 3* female with vaulter Karina Doroshenko, also lunged by Andrea Bicova. 

Meanwhile in Krumke, Caram OE , with Jolina Ossenberg-Engels and Tino Gerdes, lunged by Claudia Ossenberg-Engels, secured a second place in the pas de deux category.

Also in Krumke, Pasca and Claire de Ridder, lunged by Christina Tetteroo, ended up at 10th place.