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KCM Vaultinghorses Lord

Irish sport horse (Carrick Diamond Boy X Flagmount Diamond)  


KCM Vaultinghorses Lord at CVI *** Frenstat

After a career as a hunter and dressage horse, Lord came to us to get educated in vaulting. KCM Vaultinghorses Lord is now owned by Andrea Bicova, Slovakia. He has done many CVI's with his new owners and is of great value to them.

Andrea Bičová, Slovakia: 

It has been four years since Lord has come to our stable. Every moment with him is unforgetable. The most beautiful thing on him is that he is taking care of his vaulters and riders when sitting on him. I remember first dressage competition with Lord. There were 30 horses in one practise arena. Instead of wild running and being scared, he was watching all the other horses, better then me, and was absolutely focused. We won that competition and I have got one great friend which I can always trust on.