KCM Vaultinghorses

Quality vaulting horses


 The people behind KCM Vaultinghorses are Maurits and Cindy de Vries. 

Maurits has been active in horse sport since 1983 and in equestrian vaulting from 1985 untill 2001 and has been active as a lunger and trainer ever since. He has competed at European and World Championships in team, individual and very often as a lunger. 

Cindy had been vaulting since 1999, and has been active as a vaulter at CVi's untill 2017. She is also a trainer. Cindy has competed at international championships in a team, as a pas de deux and individual. Nowadays she does her vaulting exercises on the new horses in our stable to train them to become vaulting horses. 

The idea of selling vaulting horses had crossed our mind several years ago as we discovered that lots of people are having trouble finding their ideal vaulting horse. At that time we were allready active in international vaulting and our horses had ended up as best horse at many CVI’s and championships. in 2013 we were offered to buy and train a vaulting horse. We did not put it up for sale yet, but we bravely posted the horse on our private Facebook as being the best horse in the world. Many people reacted and wanted to buy this horse (KCM Vaultinghorses Bram) as reactions grew we decided not to sell Bram yet but to start a vaulting business and in the next month we had 4 more horses in our stable and the company was born. In the same month Bram was schooled and he competed at CVI Belgium where he showed his potential and not only did he win the CVI, he did so with the best overall horse score. Bram proved he really was the best by winning the World Cup final in Bordeaux, the World Equestrian Games and the European Championships and lots of other international competitions.